Agiloft and Mitratech – CLM and ELM Partnership

Agiloft and Mitratech – CLM and ELM Partnership

Agiloft, a leading provider of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions, has announced an exciting technology partnership with Mitratech, a global leader in legal, compliance, and HR software. 

This collaboration aims to revolutionize legal team performance by combining the power of CLM and Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) technologies.

By integrating Agiloft’s CLM platform with Mitratech’s ELM platform, TeamConnect, legal professionals gain access to a seamless exchange of data between contracts and related legal matters. This partnership creates a unified source of information, simplifying legal requests and promoting consistency, efficiency, and collaboration across legal and business teams.

The benefits of this integrated ELM and CLM solution are vast. Legal teams can experience greater efficiency through automated workflows that leverage both ELM and CLM platforms, resulting in reduced cycle times and lowered legal spend. The solution also provides increased visibility, enabling quick access to relevant data by linking contracts to related legal matters and vice versa.

Risk reduction is another advantage, as the integration minimizes inconsistencies and gaps that arise from manual data collection and transfer. Additionally, the solution boosts productivity by accelerating the transfer of data into the appropriate platform, allowing legal professionals to focus on their responsibilities with fewer bottlenecks.

Collaboration is streamlined through the “single front door” approach, enabling convenient submission of legal requests by business stakeholders without the need for ad hoc emails and meetings. This fosters better communication and eliminates slowdowns in tasks involving the legal team and the broader business.

Mitratech’s ELM platform, TeamConnect, offers end-to-end capabilities for Legal Operations, including matter management, e-billing, legal spend management, document management, reporting and analytics, and process automation. Agiloft’s CLM suite, built on a no-code platform, provides customizable and best-practice functionality for comprehensive contract management.

With Contract Lifecycle Management by Agiloft, legal teams can optimize their operations and performance, gaining an edge over competitors still relying on disconnected legal systems. The partnership between Agiloft and Mitratech paves the way for exceptional consistency, efficiency, and collaboration, delivering unparalleled results for legal teams worldwide.

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