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How CPQ & CLM Provide a Comprehensive View of Proposals, Quotes, and Contracts

Recent advancements in CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) and CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) give businesses greater insights into their finalized proposals, quotes, and contracts. CPQ accelerates the process of configuring complex product and service offerings into personalized quotes, allowing businesses to optimize for individual customer needs.

CLM streamlines and automates the contracting process to benefit businesses by increasing visibility into contract terms and obligations. It also helps ensure that contract data is accurate, complete, and accessible. By connecting CPQ with CLM, organizations are able to gain a seamless connection between proposals and contracts. This creates optimal tactical lengths and simplifies the process, while maximizing operations.

The Benefits of Combining CPQ & CLM

When businesses combine CPQ and CLM, they will gain several advantages, such as a comprehensive and real-time view of their proposals, quotes, and contracts. These process integration solutions will open up the value of data, through creating a contract data repository and automating unimportant tasks. Additionally, this allows to businesses to create self-service quoting and contracting methods that are unified and cloud-based.

The combination of CPQ and CLM also allows businesses to unlock the perfect balance of both tactical speed and operational efficiency. Through the streamlining and automation of the process, businesses can reduce the opportunities for human error, increasing the accuracy of their service quoting process. With CLM, companies can also carry out audits and gain better status tracking, enabling quicker, effective and proactive solutions to any contractual issues.

Solutions to Connect CPQ & CLM

Conga is a unified cloud-based solution that provides both CPQ and CLM. They offer an intuitive system that produces automated contracts such as Salesforce CPQ Contracts and DocuSign CLM Contracts. This accelerates timelines and increases visibility into the deal cycle.

By taking advantage of Conga’s CPQ and CLM solutions, businesses can provide innovative self-service solutions, ensuring hassle-free proposal distribution and contracted item procurement. Conga also supplies a variety of dashboards and views to the platform, with rule-based configurations to empower their self-service quoting capabilities. This streamlines any decision-making processes while keeping all involved parties up-to-date on contract status.

Integrating CPQ and CLM is beneficial to any business that wants to accelerate their customer proposal processes, increase visibility into contracts, and improve operational efficiency. Even with the complexities of today’s business operations, Conga offers a unified cloud-based solution to enable businesses to make the connection between their CPQ and CLM needs. Through these advancements, businesses are supported in their ability to customize product and service offerings into a personalized quote, while also designed to maximize the value of contract data.

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