How COVID-19 Transformed Healthcare General Counsel Roles

How COVID-19 Transformed Healthcare General Counsel Roles

The coronavirus pandemic proved to be a major disruption in the healthcare industry, one that has forced a dramatic transformation of roles. Healthcare General Counsel (GC) had to assume a much larger leadership role, their scope of responsibilities now extends to tasks not seen before the pandemic. From assisting CEOs and procurement teams to expanding provider network size and managing legal teams, GCs had to quickly become adept in their new roles.

Having the right tools in-house has made all the difference in facilitating the transition. Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Contract Intelligence solutions have been instrumental in helping healthcare general counsel making the most of the new responsibilities. Their solution provides workflow automation, comprehensive, clause library, AI-based tools, and contract interpretation capabilities, all of which has made the transition smoother for GCs.

The pandemic has forced GCs to become more proactive, more efficient, and more adaptable. They must now collaborate daily with various departments and teams to ensure full compliance with laws and regulations. Working closely with IT departments, understanding the complexities involved in digital transformation initiatives has become second nature to them. Likewise, experts from different disciplines must be brought on board to develop new approaches for risk management.

Despite the daunting challenges posed by the pandemic, healthcare general counsels have risen to the challenge and proved their worth. They have stepped up in a way that was not seen before and fully embraced their at-times unfamiliar roles. Thanks to CLM and Contract Intelligence solutions, they have been able to tackle the demanding tasks in a shorter period of time. Healthcare GCs have completely redefined and solidified their roles, thanks to their impressive resilience and the right tools.

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