New Case Study from Icertis

New Case Study from Icertis

Icertis, the contract intelligence company, recently announced that Vaillant Group has selected Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) to digitally transform their contract-driven processes across enterprise operations in 60 countries. Vaillant Group is the world’s largest brand in the commercial HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) market, expanding into more than 20 countries with an international workforce of more than 13,000 employees. As the company strives for digital transformation and growth with a global workforce and operations in 60 countries, the application of intelligent contract management technology in business transactions becomes ever more necessary.

Through integrations with Vaillant Group’s core systems, which includes SAP Ariba and Salesforce, Icertis will drive efficiency and enable increased visibility and compliance with obligations in the company’s business relationships. This digital transformation of contract management at Vaillant Group marks a strong continuation of Icertis’s success in the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) market.

Icertis’ Role in the CLM Market

While much of the $30 billion CLM market is dominated by legacy providers, Icertis has established itself as a major player in the market with its platform’s unparalleled scalability and unmatched functional capabilities. Icertis’ AI-powered platform is enabling companies across a range of industries, from tech to automotive, to benefit from a unified contract management solution that ensures that companies stay compliant, maximize savings, and establish compliance processes across their global operations.

From Icertis’ pioneering ability to have contracts written in up to 26 languages, to its unprecedented scalability, Icertis ICI provides a complete solution for Vaillant Group to move towards a digital-first contract management system. Traditionally, contract management was a reactive process, with companies typically not discovering errors, omissions, or contract discrepancies until they had been in operation for far too long. Icertis’ technology enables companies to ensure compliance with contracts far before such problems occur, revolutionizing companies’ operations across the board.

Icertis Provides Total Contract Management Transparency for Vaillant Group

Through its AI-driven platform, Icertis enables companies to have real-time visibility into their contractual obligations and compliance across their global operations. By leveraging its experience in the CLM market, Icertis is helping Vaillant Group achieve total contract management transparency.

The success that Vaillant Group has achieved through using Icertis ICI further reinforces Icertis as a socially responsible partner in the CLM market. The company is leading a more integrated and accountable approach to contract management, creating a level of transparency and assurance that is unmatched by legacy providers. Icertis offers an array of features in its platform, from machine intelligence and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to contract analysis, that empower organizations to maximize returns on their contracts and identify risks.


Icertis is continuing to build on its success in the $30 billion CLM market. As the largest companies move towards digital transformation and leverage Icertis ICI to ensure compliance, transparency, and control, it is clear that Icertis is here to stay. With a wide array of features, from enterprise-level integrations to machine intelligence and analytics, Icertis is revolutionizing the way that companies across the globe manage their contracts.

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