Century Housing Corporation: A CLM Case Study

Century Housing Corporation: A CLM Case Study

Founded 25 years ago, Century Housing Corporation has utilized Microsoft Word and Excel to manage their contract lifecycle. In their effort to streamline their complex procedures, Century sought out an adequate Contract Lifecycle Management System (CLM). After viewing a demonstration from JhEnsley Consulting, Century Housing implemented Agiloft CLM and a host of new features to maximize their benefit.

Agiloft CLM improved Century’s business processes by providing them with multi-faceted benefits. Its task management system helps prioritize tasks based on due dates and assigns notifications to ensure complete accountability. In addition, Century can now compare multiple loans at once with detailed analysis about each loan project, thanks to a customized dashboard. Moreover, documents are now stored and managed in one location, making it easier to access and locate data from anywhere. The centralized repository also allows for simple version control so that no work is ever lost.

Key Takeaways

In this case study, Century Housing Corporation provides a good example of how a business can upgrade their system from a manual approach to a modern, automated CLM system. By upgrading to Agiloft CLM, Century transformed their procedures and improved their productivity in several key areas:

  • Centralized repository for document storage and version control
  • Automated task management system
  • Detailed analysis of multiple loan projects from a custom dashboard
  • Improved access to data from anywhere

In conclusion, this CLM case study shows how easy it is for businesses to upgrade their manual process with an automated solution. Agiloft CLM makes it easier to view the full lifecycle of a loan in one place and obtains higher accuracy of tasks with task management system and notifications. Century Housing Corporation’s experience is proof that upgrading to Agiloft CLM helps maximize the benefits of contracting and the delivery of loan services.

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