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Managed IT Services Vendor Consulting

Managed IT Services Vendor Consulting

When a vendor underperforms, it feels like all your time is consumed fixing their mistakes.

When the vendor portfolio has overgrown, it feels like no one is accountable.

When vendors are disconnected from business value, it feels like your budget can’t accomplish your goals.

Companies tend to struggle to connect spend with managed IT services vendors with the intended business value.

They tend to be less effective, independent, and focused than you need. An independent voice can make the difference.

Banyan Managed IT Services Vendor Consulting

As an experienced 3rd party advocate for you and your business, we provide perspective, sanity, and guidance on getting the full value of your agreement, optimizing your vendor portfolio, and connecting budget with business value.

We’ve developed a body of knowledge for managing vendors that combines IT governance frameworks like COBIT, procurement best practices, and 20 years of industry experience. We apply that knowledge and experience to quickly re-establish the relationship and refocus the vendor on what you value.

Whether you’re optimizing a vendor’s performance, consolidating a complex vendor portfolio, or developing a strategic vendor management function, we have the experience and expertise to quickly achieve your goal.

We help companies grow the business value they get from their spend with technology vendors.

Our Consulting Services

Vendor Path to Partnership

Capture the full value of your agreement and the potential value of your relationship.

Portfolio Optimization

Reduce vendor sprawl to lower vendor carrying cost, reduce risk, and simplify management.

True Partner Sourcing

We help companies find vendors capable of partnership and create relationships that fit.

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