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Here are a few of the books that have influenced our approach and the development of our business.

Conscious Capitalism

John Mackey tells the story of founding Whole Foods and the principles underpinning his success. His ideas around stakeholder engagement heavily influenced the formation of Banyan Business Outcomes LLC. (Amazon)

Articles: About

Supplier Relationship Management

This book is full of clear and complete thinking on all things related to Supplier Relationship Management. While not directed at technology services agreement, many of the concepts are directly applicable. (Amazon)

Articles: 4 Levels of Partnership

The Vendor Management Office

The author discusses the evolution of the vendor management office as a solution to the gap between procurement and technology capabilities. It describes the key capabilities and responsibilities of a VMO. (Amazon)

Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy is an approach to developing uncontested market space to sidestep competition. The techniques apply well to value creation for any stakeholder, not just customers. (Amazon)

Digital Disciplines

This is a great book on technology innovation to meet business and market needs through the value disciplines framework. It discusses the opportunity and impact of cloud, big data, social, and mobile technologies. (Amazon)

The Black Swan

A Black Swan is in unexpected and unusual event that has a profound effect. In this post, I muse about black swan technology vendors. (Amazon)

Vendor Relationship Management

This book is a list of 1,214 questions to help you think about Vendor Relationship Management and fully understand and anticipate a potential relationship with a vendor. (Amazon)

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