Vendor Sourcing

Vendor & Partner Sourcing

A great vendor understands your business, owns your outcomes, and stays on the Path to Partnership. We introduce clients to vendors who can grow into partners.

Partnership is about challenging the other party to achieve greater outcomes faster. It’s about co-ownership, co-investment, and reciprocity.

Managed Cloud

A true partner in cloud managed IT services understands the architecture, rationalizes spend, and enables consumption of cloud features.

Managed Security

An MSSP that is a true partner feels passionate about your business. They are an extension of your team, and they’re dedicated to your success.

Our Approach

We help clients form great partnerships by brokering relationships with leading service providers through a competitive selection process. We advocate for the client and prioritize forming an effective partnership over short term gains.


We help envision the right relationship, then develop requirements in context of industry trends and capabilities.


Banyan has relationships with over 200 providers and can quickly down-select to the few who have the right fit and focus.


We compete Vendors to find the right offer at the right price.


We apply our governance framework to keep the team focused.

Let’s talk more about your business, objectives, and the potential of your vendors.

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