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Case Studies

Case Studies

Banyan is a learn-it-all company. We report what we learn in our resources section, and report our successes in achieving client outcomes as case studies.

Creating a True Partnership for a company that helps True Companions

What’s the missing catalyst that transforms a transactional vendor relationship into a true partnership? That’s the challenge presented to Banyan Business Outcomes LLC by the largest animal healthy company in the world.

They needed to change the way a technology services vendor saw their business. They needed the vendor to own business outcomes, not just meet minimum SLAs.

Our development of a Vendor Scorecard refocused the relationship on the proactive management and service maturation that creates value for the company.  Our recommendations for a Vendor Relationship Charter helped reset expectations and created a foundation for growing a true partnership between the companies.

True partnership with a technology vendor is so much more valuable to both parties than a transactional relationship. The right governance structure and relationship alignment creates a scaffolding on which partnership can be built.

With Banyan’s help, our client and their vendor are on a path to partnership.

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