We help companies grow the business value they get from their spend with technology vendors.

Technology vendors are key stakeholders in your success, just as you are a stakeholder in theirs. Understand your vendors’ performance, the driving factors, and what to do about it.

What We Do

Vendor Path to Partnership

Capture the full value of your agreement and the potential value of your relationship.

Portfolio Optimization

Reduce vendor sprawl to lower vendor carrying cost, reduce risk, and simplify management.

True Partner Sourcing

We help companies find vendors capable of partnership and create relationships that fit.

Some ideas that could help

Smart Contracts: Transforming the Supply Chain

Smart Contracts: Transforming the Supply Chain Supply chains have long been plagued with inefficiencies, ultimately leading to problems such as product delays, cost overruns, and inferior customer experiences. The introduction of blockchain technology provides a potential solution, with smart contracts at the forefront of this revolution. (Learn more February 1st when we present to the…

IT Vendor Risk

IT Vendor Risk Management Co-authored by Steven Nichols, MBA & Dr. Linda Kostic Technology vendors and other 3rd parties create leverage, flexibility, and scale for their clients. They are an essential part of how businesses operate and create stakeholder value. These vendor relationships, however, also increase the risk of an interruption in service, exposure of…

One-Page RFI

One Page RFI RFIs and RFPs are nearly universally despised by both vendors and clients for the same reason – time wasted on companies which aren’t a realistic fit. As a vendor, I hated filling out lengthy RFI/RFP responses for blind opportunities with an insulated buyer. I knew many of these opportunities were pre-selected, and…

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