Managed Security Services Provider

Partnering with an MSSP

Whether you need an MSSP for virtual CISO consulting, eyes on glass operations, or specific technology support, Banyan can connect you with a provider that fits.

Find your True Partner

MSSPs aren’t one-size-fits-all. The right MSSP understands your business’s threat vectors, appetite for risk, and budget. Not every MSSP has the experience, focus, and priorities to be meet your unique needs.

An MSSP that is a true partner understands what’s at stake and feels passionate about securing your business. They are an extension of your team, and they’re dedicated to your success.

Let Banyan find the right fit for your company. Our 4 step process is designed to cultivate partnership and create business value. It includes envisioning the partnership, recruiting candidates, competing the business, and governing the relationship.

Managed Security Services Providers

We work with over 64 capable managed security services providers, each with unique capabilities. Banyan is focused on developing true partnerships by connecting the right provider with the right client.

Service Provider Spotlight: Thrive

Thrive is an experienced Managed Security Service Provider focused on mid-market companies with compliance needs.

Thrive approaches clients through a consultative process, starting with a CIS Framework Assessment. The outcome of the assessment is often a roadmap of corrective actions as well as Security Operations Center and virtual CISO services.

Banyan MSSP Provider Selection

We’d like to understand your business and objectives to make the best recommendation, but we can start the conversation with a few details.

We do not share your information with partners without express permission.