Vendor Management Consulting

Vendor Management Consulting

Informally managed vendor relationships rarely achieve their objectives. Operational pressures overwhelm best intentions and mission statements, and soon enough the team is lurching from priority to priority.

Without structure, companies can accidentally encourage the wrong vendor behaviors by creating perverse incentives, rewarding poor performance, and failing to hold vendors accountable for their commitments.

IT Vendor Management Consulting

We’ve developed a framework for managing individual vendors and vendor portfolios that squeezes out administrative overhead, eliminates finger-pointing, and rewards the right behaviors. We apply this framework to clients’ unique needs to develop a custom approach focused on the right goals and vendors.

We deliver our consulting engagements with these values:

  • Business value first – We avoid lengthy, unused documents or decks.
  • Agile project management – We deliver incrementally every 2 weeks
  • Do the heavy lifting – Wherever possible, we minimize the impact on the client’s resources
  • Enable the client – Client independence is our priority

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