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AI-Driven Contract Analysis for Secure and Automated Business Transactions

Businesses rely on contracts to maintain operational efficiency and manage risk. Many contracts, however, take too much time and resources to review and negotiate due to their complexity. Manual contract analysis can be inefficient and time-consuming, and may leave organizations open to risk due to inaccurate analysis or oversight. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) powered contract analysis comes in. AI contract analysis can automate even the most complex contract reviews, allowing organizations to securely and efficiently manage contracts.

Ironclad is a contract lifecycle management platform that uses AI-driven contract analysis to help organizations achieve secure and automated transactions. Ironclad’s AI-Assist™ tool is a powerful and intuitive solution that provides organizations with the ability to generate redlines in entire documents with the tracked changes, allowing human users to review and accept or reject redlines in a single click. The system is flexible enough to handle every workflow, whether it be sales agreements, IT procurement, complex vendor contracts, or commercial real estate leases.

Ironclad’s contract analysis solution is tailored to the specific needs of organizations, with features such as customizable document automation, automated alerts for document expiration, and secure digital signature solutions. Secure encryptions helps ensure secure document sharing and compliance to industry regulations. Ironclad is part of the AWS Partner Network and has been recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the Best Workplaces and Business Insider as One of the Best Enterprise SaaS Companies of 2020.

Organizations looking to leverage the power of AI-driven contract analysis to secure their business transactions can find a reliable and powerful solution in Ironclad. The automated contract analysis features included in Ironclad’s contract management platform are designed to save organizations time, reduce risk, and ensure secure and efficient business transactions.

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