Accor’s Agility CLM Case Study – From Research to Solution in Eight Weeks.

Accor’s Agility CLM Case Study – From Research to Solution in Eight Weeks.

When Accor, a global hotel giant, was looking to replace their existing Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system, they began to conduct careful research and planning. After evaluating multiple solutions, it became apparent that Agiloft’s powerful CLM-in-a-Box solution was the perfect fit for Accor’s requirements. (Read the full case study here.)

Accor was enthusiastic about Agiloft’s capabilities and began the project in October, 2019. During the accelerated process, Agiloft’s delivery team worked quickly to ensure Accor’s CLM requirements were met in record time – in a mere eight weeks!

Both Agiloft and Accor worked hard to check the quality of the system and make sure it met all the criteria. The successful result was a user-friendly interface with customizable and flexible permissions, relational database, and mass-edit capabilities that went above and beyond Accor’s expectations.

Richard, the Accor executive involved in the project, stated that Agiloft’s customer service was “very fast”. The speed and success of Accor’s migration to the new CLM prompted them to recommend Agiloft’s CLM-in-a-Box product to other companies.

Accor’s journey to find the perfect CLM solution demonstrates the immense power of Agiloft’s CLM-in-a-Box platform. Using the latest technologies, such as relational databases and mass-edit capabilities, the team at Agiloft created a user-friendly system and delivered the product within eight weeks.

Overall, Accor was extremely pleased with the performance and customer service of the Agiloft team. Agiloft has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy provider and Accor recommends their CLM-in-a-Box solution to businesses looking for a powerful and efficient CLM system.

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