Icertis AI Copilots: The Future of Enterprise Contracting Innovation

Icertis AI Copilots: The Future of Enterprise Contracting Innovation

Managing and understanding contracts is a major challenge for even the most well-run businesses. Icertis is ushering in a new era of enterprise contracting with its AI-driven Copilots, transforming the way contracts are managed by large corporations. Icertis Copilots provide a host of benefits ranging from faster contract review to improved accuracy and risk assessment. By unlocking the valuable information contained within agreements, businesses can maximize the value of their contracts.

Icertis ExploreAI Service

The Icertis ExploreAI Service is the core of the Icertis Copilots. This advanced artificial intelligence algorithm enables businesses to automatically analyze contracts and identify particular terms or clauses in agreements quickly and accurately. The system uses secure data sources and generative AI capabilities to accurately assess and interpret contract language and quickly alerting you to any discrepancies. This aids in identifying essential agreements and ensures that key terms are not overlooked.

Interactive Insights Copilot

The Interactive Insights Copilot utilizes the same sophisticated AI technology as the ExploreAI Service to provide insight into the commercial, legal, and financial trends in contracts. The copilot identifies important clauses and provisions, allowing businesses to more easily comply with various regulations. This tool also quickly identifies areas of risk, ensuring that businesses do not unknowingly expose themselves to significant liabilities or contract disputes.

Risk Assessment Copilot

The Risk Assessment Copilot helps enterprises identify potential risks in contracts before they are executed. The copilot scans contracts to identify areas that could lead to financial or reputational liabilities. It also predicts the likely outcomes of disputes and provides guidance on compliance with regulatory standards. This feature helps businesses avoid costly legal disputes and reduces the time and money spent on assessing risk.

Unlock the Power of Your Contracts

The Icertis Copilots are revolutionizing the way businesses manage and understand their contracts. By leveraging the combined power of secure data sources, generative AI, and interactive insights capabilities, businesses can assess and analyze their contracts quickly and accurately. They can also more easily identify essential agreements and identify areas of potential risk before executing contracts. Ultimately, Icertis Copilots enable businesses to maximize the value of their contracts and unlock the power of their agreements.

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