Technology Vendor Management Webinar

Webinar: Technology Vendor Management

Getting the Full Value of the agreement, and starting the Path to Partnership

The Institute for Supply Management invited Banyan Business Outcomes LLC to present on Technology Vendor Management in February of 2022.

Open to all

Feb 3rd 12pm MST

ISM Technology Vendor Management Webinar

Technology vendors can be key partners in driving organizational initiatives and creating competitive advantages, but these relationships often come up short. Poor performance, perverse incentives, and misalignment can keep you from getting the Full Value of the Agreement or building a game-changing partnership.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss a strategic approach to evaluating and improving technology vendor performance. We’ll also identify the most impactful vendors who have potential to become true partners and profoundly impact the organization. Topics include:

  • Four technology vendor relationship levels
  • Three types of technology partners
  • Getting the Full Value of the Agreement
  • Performance management & get healthy plans
  • Creating a Path to Partnership
  • The role of a Vendor Management Office

February 3rd, 2022

Open to all.

Published by Steven A Nichols

I am the founder of Banyan Business Outcomes LLC. I've spent my career helping technology companies get closer to their clients, and helping clients leverage technology companies to create value.

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