Smart Contracts: Transforming the Supply Chain

Smart Contracts: Transforming the Supply Chain Supply chains have long been plagued with inefficiencies, ultimately leading to problems such as product delays, cost overruns, and inferior customer experiences. The introduction of blockchain technology provides a potential solution, with smart contracts at the forefront of this revolution. (Learn more February 1st when we present to theContinue reading “Smart Contracts: Transforming the Supply Chain”

One-Page RFI

One Page RFI RFIs and RFPs are nearly universally despised by both vendors and clients for the same reason – time wasted on companies which aren’t a realistic fit. As a vendor, I hated filling out lengthy RFI/RFP responses for blind opportunities with an insulated buyer. I knew many of these opportunities were pre-selected, andContinue reading “One-Page RFI”

SLAs and KPIs aren’t the point

SLAs and KPIs aren’t the point Technology Services Agreements use Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as a quantifiable proxy for the achievement of the intended business value. If these metrics are met, the business value will be created and the company’s ends achieved. Great vendors understand that these metrics aren’t theContinue reading “SLAs and KPIs aren’t the point”

Technology Vendor References

Technology Vendor Reference Calls Most RFPs include a requirement for reference calls with other clients who have had good experiences.  These calls tend to lack candor and depth. Honest feedback is rare. Vendors use only their happiest clients as references, and references hesitate to bring up bad news as it might impact their relationship withContinue reading “Technology Vendor References”

Black Swan Technology Vendors

Black Swan Technology Vendors While most technology vendor relationships deliver linear, incremental value, some rare technology partnerships can have exponential results. IBM and Microsoft, for example, partnered to dominate personal computers. SAP’s partnership with Oracle grew both companies.  We call these outcomes Black Swans because they are unanticipated and profound in their impact. Serendipitous BlackContinue reading “Black Swan Technology Vendors”

Technology Vendor Management Webinar

Webinar: Technology Vendor Management Getting the Full Value of the agreement, and starting the Path to Partnership The Institute for Supply Management invited Banyan Business Outcomes LLC to present on Technology Vendor Management in February of 2022. Open to all Feb 3rd 12pm MST ISM Technology Vendor Management Webinar Technology vendors can be key partnersContinue reading “Technology Vendor Management Webinar”

4 Levels of Vendors

How does partnership feel? True Partners provide exponentially more value than vendors who fail to meet contract terms or create brand and security risks. Understand vendor performance and its contributing factors, then take action. Vendor performance is multifaceted and complex. A vendor may be strong in one area and weak in another. What does itContinue reading “4 Levels of Vendors”

Technology Vendor Partnerships

Technology Vendor Partnerships The right collaboration between vendor and client can create strategic advantages that lead to exponential growth, possibly for both parties. It is this black-swan success with its exponential return, that technology partnerships seek to achieve. Vendor partnership is not a status awarded (like a gold star) to recognize a vendor going aboveContinue reading “Technology Vendor Partnerships”