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Webinar Recording: ISM Feb 2022 Technology Vendor Management

The Institute for Supply Management invited Banyan to present on Technology Vendor Management in February of 2022. Here are a few clips:

The Feeling of Partnership

Vendor partnership feels different. Partners feel like an extension of your team. They challenge you to succeed, as you challenge them. (11:08)

Three Layers to Quality

Vendor performance should be measured against contractual terms, business value, and Next Best Alternatives in the industry. (16:40)

Vendor-led innovation & Partnership

Innovation is the defining characteristic of partnership. There are 4 types of innovation. (32:12)

Improving Technology vendors

Create a Get Healthy plan to help technology vendors improve their performance and the business value they dleiver. (18:50)

Improving a Vendor Portfolio

Optimizing external delivery through technology vendors improves business value and reduces risk. (23:28)

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I am the founder of Banyan Business Outcomes LLC. I've spent my career helping technology companies get closer to their clients, and helping clients leverage technology companies to create value.

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